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Growing up in Moscow, Russia and moving to Los Angeles at a young age, dy/dx has been influenced by many different musical cultures from Russian pop to gangster rap and screamo punk rock. This melting pot of influences has resulted in his soulful  style and futuristic sound. dy/dx’s passion, emotion, and intensity is engraved within his sound and built on rhythms influenced by hip-hop and his Russian-Armenian musical background. Translating this to electronic music birthed a fusion of styles that range from future bass, hip-hop, RnB, neo soul, trap, and house. 

After having released several remixes on Soundcloud, dy/dx joined the ICON Collective music production school in June of 2017, sacrificing his graduate program in mechanical engineering. He honed in on developing his production skills without letting anybody in his engineering firm find out what he was really up to. Using his engineering career as a way to finance his passion for music, he was able to work on releasing his first EP. In joint efforts with his girlfriend Kees, he is also planning a release of a joint Urban Pop EP in the winter of 2021. dy/dx’s goal is to make the listener feel and enjoy the story each song expresses.


  • Human togetherness, commonality, equality, and emotion driven heavy music. We are always growing, each person at their own pace, their own rate of change, hence dy/dx.


  • People from all types of backgrounds,  I want to represent the lovers of the non-typical EDM, the lovers of emotional electronic music that enjoy music not just for dancing but for vibing and feeling as well.


  • Water is a representation of what is common in all of us, we all need it and we are all composed of it. Water is the source of all life which in turn, makes it the source of all love.




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